Friday, April 11, 2008

Did I ever post this picture of Lyvia? This was the day she was baptized back in December. Since she is leery of strangers, I didn't have high hopes for the big baptism day. She actually did a wonderful job of letting the pastor carry her all around the sanctuary to let everyone say "hello" or whatever it is they are doing (checking out the beautiful smocking on the dress perhaps?)

She is so precious to us.

Flash forward

While I certainly don't want to make a habit of stealing and posting photos of other children, I couldn't pass this one up. This is exactly what I could imagine Lyvia looking like at age 8. Most of the time I see Asian girls, they don't really register as anything other than a cute kiddo. However, this picture is haunting me because for some reason it looks so much like Lyvia!

I couldn't find a picture of Lyvia with that same little pleasant grin, but I do get it from her around the house. Generally it has to do with her getting something she really, really wanted and she seems at peace knowing she has complete control over her loving mother.
I went for the no expression picture, which is easier to compare with than the goofy grins that I think she must practice making during nap time.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


The house is falling apart -- the AC repair cost $550, we also had a monster cleaning job to do on the outside units (thank goodness my dad was here to help), I got a ticket today for "running a red light" (it was YELLOW) and one of Lindsay's pierced ears has gotten infected now that we are switching out earrings. She makes me SOO nervous with infected wounds because she gets those MRSA infections that can be so scary.

Really, April is filled with showers this year :-(

The kids and I are heading out for some shopping therapy. They have birthday money and gift cards burning a hole in their pockets and Jason isn't getting home until after 7 pm so we might as well paint the town!

I've got my ticket and childcare lined up for my week long trip to Albuquerque to help care for my aunt next week. Thank goodness for friends and great mother-in-laws.