Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March Referrals

Ug -- March referrals arrived on the 27th and only covered May 26 - 30th LID dates. The poor May 31st families who just missed the cut-off. With an LID of June 30th, we certainly will feel vulnerable being the last date in June.

May is taking four months to complete -- what will happen with June???

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Word Cloud

Everyone is older

Well, it is official. All my kiddos are one year older. Dylan is two and has such an interesting personality. He is SOOO clingy, demanding and obstinate! Fortunately he has other aspects to his personality that make him a great little person, but these three seem to be here for the long haul and are the ones that make the days taxing. I am trying to get him to figure out all the neat things he can do and today he had a great time with puzzles and painting. He just wanted me in the room to witness his activities.

Lindsay is five and so fun to play with! She is loving dolls, curly hair, all things girly and still has the greatest imagination. We are on the cusp of learning the 3R's and that will always be a joy to me. She is ready to read "this summer after school is over" and realizes there are things she needs to know for Kindergarten. She can write her name and seems to care about her schoolwork. We will see in about six months!

Jonathan is now 7 and I can hardly say that! I read in a book today that age 10+ is when boys need to start separating from their mothers -- only three years left?!? He is the classic big brother and takes such good care of Dylan and doesn't seem fazed when Dylan won't reciprocate. It is time for him to add new responsibilities, which can be a hill to climb. He did great checking off his new list for his morning routine. I can't follow a child around and continually remind them of what needs to be done. Hopefully his list (and rewards for 10 days of getting ready on time) will teach him.

Then little MeiMei is out there somewhere. My heart hurts not to have her here, and especially to not know when she will be with us, but I know that in the long term this extended wait won't really mean anything.