Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It is hard to let your little bitties grow up, but the exciting thing to me is that when they do then there is a whole new world you can introduce them to. It is nice to have some kids that can handle more than the made-for-children shows (I can appreciate the good ones, but I've wandered into some pretty bad ones).

So, Lindsay, Jonathan and I had a fabulous time seeing Stomp together. They were giddy watching it and I am only marginally worried by the number of times Lindsay said, "I LOVE the guy with the mohawk!" During one applause Jonathan yells out, "THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!" (We did work on Bravo after that) I really enjoy live performances and hopefully my enthusiasm will spill over to my kids. I already purchased the HBO version of the Stomp show to help them remember what they saw.
I'll have to keep my eyes open for some more appropriate shows in our area. The two of them have been great at Peter Pan, the Nutcracker and Lion King and enjoy talking about the performances months later. We will have to find some good live music in the area, too. Not too hard around here!