Friday, January 13, 2006

The Stork

The Stork by Eugene Field

Last night the Stork came stalking,
And, Stork, beneath your wing
Lay, lapped in dreamless slumber,
The tiniest little thing!
From Babyland, out yonder
Beside a silver sea,
You brought a priceless treasure
As gift to mine and me!

Last night my dear one listened --
And, wife, you knew the cry --
The dear old Stork has sought our home
A many times gone by!
And in your gentle bosom
I found the pretty thing
That from the realm out younder
Our friend the Stork did bring.

Last night a babe awakened,
And, babe, how strange and new
Must seem the home and people
The Stork has brought you to;
And yet methinks you like them --
You neither stare nor weep,
But closer to my dear one
You cuddle, and you sleep!

Last night my heart grew fonder --
O happy heart of mine,
Sing of the inspirations
That round my pathway shine!
And sing your sweetest long-song
To this dear nestling wee
The Stork from 'Way-Out-Yonder
Hath brought to mine and me!

January rumors

Let's see, we got the middle part of April at the beginning of January. We hope there are more referrals to come at the end of January. Next big question will be if there are any referrals sent out in February -- there haven't been for a few years now.

Still planning on May referral (beginning or end -- I don't know) and July travel.