Sunday, December 17, 2006

Something Different!

Since lately my life is often hum-drumly hectic, I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of visits to the site of the latest Extreme Home Makeover build this week. The kids and I checked it out on Friday after a bit of sleuthing to figure out where it was. They love the show and there was a lot of activity to watch that afternoon. It was hard to imagine how the builders and designers get so many details accomplished in a week. We saw Ed and Paige and she kindly stopped for a picture with J and L.

Friday Afternoon

Saturday night I then went again with a couple of girlfriends and saw the dramatic changes inside and out. It was cool seeing it at night because then we could see inside the house better. Friday it didn't look like any of the decorating had been done so it was fun seeing the changes Saturday night. I'd even found my way around enough on Friday to figure out where we could hopefully score some t-shirts at the off-site. My galpals and I all got a t-shirt and it was quite the crazy coup for us!

Saturday night/crazy early Sunday morn

Our 2006 Holiday Card


I love how little parenting problems crop up in different places as the kids get older. Jonathan decided he was going to boycott the Christmas pagent when he discovered that he was going to have to be dressed as an angel. He was horrified at the thought and it took a lot of talking to convince him that there was nothing wrong with a boy being an angel. Thank goodness there was an angel shirt around. He also got a pass on the angel wings. Of course Lindsay was delighted with her role!

Crazy Christmas

Gi had the grandkids come be in the Hamilton Christmas parade! Jason thought Lyvi's outfit was ridiculous, but acquiesced to her wearing it once I explained they were supposed to be Santa's elves.

She didn't seem to mind too much!

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