Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back in the Fold

What a whirl wind weekend we had! On Friday I dropped the Littles off in Lampasas with Gi and drove three hours to pick up Lindsay in Conroe. Saturday, we took her BFF Hailey with us to San Antonio and then on to Laity Lodge to drop Jonathan off at camp on Sunday. We then got the Littles in Burnet and finally made it home.

As for camp, Lindsay did love it! Thankfully, she and Hailey were still connected at the hip when we picked them up and I couldn't bear to part them (she lives 3 hours away from us) so we will have another week with Hailey before the start of school.

Jonathan played the cool dude about not having his sister around, but they were like two happy puppies when they saw each other. I couldn't even get him to leave her alone long enough for a post camp picture, but that was just fine because I love this picture more.

Lindsay Camp Memories

Sleeping in the treehouse with no counselor and a thunderstorm coming through one night.

No hands dinner

Canoe swamping

The Bazooka Bubblegum song (look it up on YouTube once and it will be stuck in your head forever) and other camp songs.

Stop and Go dinner

New friend Gabriela

Sleeping in the top bunk

Getting lots of mail from family and friends

I think the self confidence, independence and problem solving skills learned at camp are priceless and the good ol' fashioned fun probably even wins over the most electronically attached kids.
Of course, I've already got next year's camp picked out for her!


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