Monday, November 03, 2008

Moments from My Day

I woke up and thanked the heavens above that Lyvia slept soundly through the night. At one point the little ice cube did crawl over to me and got under the covers, which is uncommon for her. She snuggled in tight and close. When she is still, this is yummy.

Dylan started his day by wanting to call his daddy. I explained that I needed to figure out what time it was to make sure daddy might actually be able to talk. I told him it might be night time since daddy is on the other side of the world. When I called, Jason was in a meeting so I asked him to call us back when he could. Dylan asked, "Did you hear any crickets?" Uh... "Why would I hear crickets," I asked. "To tell if it is night time or not!" Where in the world did he learn this?

My brother arrived from Japan the night before so Dylan, Lyvia and I picked him up at his hotel and took him to get his rental car. During lunch we learned that there might be a wedding in his future!

Next I picked up Oliver from the new groomers and paid more for his haircut than I do mine. Thank goodness they pretty much buzzed him off to the skin.

Then things turned into a bit of blur, but it included whiny kids who wouldn't give me a moment of peace and who messed up faster than I could pick up.

Jonathan and Lindsay came home from school and did a might fine job of practicing their instruments, telling me about their day and then quickly disappearing into the neighborhood.

Lyvia attempted to take a nap, but I quickly woke her up and visited the park with the Littles. Dinner was a compilation of everything they keep rejecting. It is too funny to watch them barter things around -- germs just don't exist in our house.

Lyvia got yanked out of the bathtub early since yet AGAIN she squeezed a bottle of shampoo into the tub. Honestly, she can't resist this and eating outside the kitchen.

At some point we all ended up on one twin bed. I was reading books to Lindsay and Dylan. Lyvia likes to hold her own book and do her own thing. Jonathan must have needed some family time since he was also there reading his own book. I finally realized that the noise next to me was Lyvia repeating everything I read. She kept doing it with a grin on her face. What a little trickster. I'm sure you had to be there, but we ended up laughing so hard that Dylan, Lindsay, Jonathan and I had tears streaming down our face.

The last book we read was Going On a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. In this version, the family arrives in a cave and there is a bear! They then run all the way back home, upstairs and under the covers. It is such a cute little story and fun to swishy swishy and squelch squerch to and fro, but Dylan always wants me to skip from the cave to the family jumping under the covers together. It just cracks me up that this cute little tale scares the begeebers out of him.

Dylan always crashes at night, which is so welcome and endearing. Lindsay has to carry on 10 more conversations with me before she is settled. Lyvia is horrid about going to bed and now none of her siblings will sleep in the same room with her anymore (she won't stop talking.) With Jason out of town, I've just let her go get into my bed each night. Tonight, after Jonathan and I worked on some of his homework, he went to "bed". I just found him also in my bed so I guess I'll have to carve out a spot for myself.


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