Thursday, November 13, 2008

Don't have a clue

The Littles keep getting in trouble for this and that mischief. Problem is, I really don't have a clue who is to blame. They have gotten into the horrid habit of immediately blaming each other for whatever trouble I have found.

Lindsay's money was missing last night and a chorus of "Dylan did it! Lyvi did it!" started before we even got the entire accusation out of our mouth. I still am not sure exactly which one should be charged for that crime.

This morning Lyvia proudly showed me her baby, which is covered in ink stamps. Moments after seeing my face she blamed Dylan and Dylan blamed Lindsay! Dylan just looks guilty with his little grin, but I think I won this one. I asked Lyvia, "Why did you put stamps on your baby?" She started in with her multi-use "cuz" statement, but rapidly (really, too rapidly for a two-year-old) caught on and switched to, "No, Dylan did it."

I'll take her momentary blunder as proof of her guilt, but goodness she is so good at being naughty.

Off to rescue the baby from living her life as a tattoo artist reject.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela - I had to laugh! As an only child, I never had anyone to blame. Sigh! As the parent of two, I had half the puzzlement that you do. Our sons are 4 years apart, but as you've noticed the younger kid(s) learns quickly from the older one(s)!!

There is no easy answer! Where is Solomon when you need him?

10:24 PM  

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