Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wild Wednesdays

Wednesday is the day we just all have to hold on, charge forth and pray for the end of. In the morning the Littles have gymnastics, which they l.o.v.e. This time isn't so bad because I walk the track with a friend whose son is also in gymnastics and after we go somewhere for lunch. Of course at lunch I spilled my drink all over myself, the kids wouldn't play on the play equipment 'cause sitting with mom is so much better, my food was so spicy I had to eat all my friend's french fries (at least that is what I told her), Dylan didn't want milk, Dylan didn't want milk, Dylan really didn't want milk and he didn't want mac n cheese either. I forget that he doesn't like cheese now because it just sounds so ridiculous. Who doesn't like cheese?

By Wednesday, the house needs to be condemned. It is supposed to be the day I pick it all up since my house cleaners come on Thursday. It is not a nice pleasant place on Wednesday. Not only are things anywhere they are not supposed to be, but also I have very grumpy thoughts about the people who put them in those places.

Wednesday is the day I am picking up one room, while Lyvia is destroying something in another. Unfortunately yesterday it was cutting open each and every one of my vitamin packets. I was not happy. Again.

When Jonathan and Lindsay get home from school I hurry them into the car then:
drop Jon off at speech
drop Lindsay off at gymnastics
drop Ryan off at home (Dylan's friend who he REALLY wants to live with in the same house)
pick up Jon at speech
pick up Lindsay at gymnastics

No, these places are not near each other.
Yes, this would be impossible without the DVD player in the car.

Once home, I STILL have the horrid house to deal with and it is our night to finish all homework and study for Thursday spelling tests. Accomplishing homework sounds so simple, but it just isn't. Even now, while thinking about us sitting around the dining room table, my vision is of little studious children and their charming, smiling mother working together. If they would just listen to me and do exactly what I tell them, we would be fine. Instead, someone raised them to think for themselves. Damn her.

So, I crawl exhausted into bed with the house in shambles and then spend Thursday frantically picking up because the maids just toss it all together like stone soup and I'd have to reorg it anyways. Just around the corner I can see that we will one day be a family of six who actually picks up after themselves. At least I have to think that or I might just not get out of bed on Wednesdays.

*The silver lining in my day was when I was told next week will be Jonathan's last day at speech -- phew!


Anonymous Barbara said...

(raising hand) I'm with Dylan!!!!!! I don't like cheese. Well, I like a little of it on pizza and under duress I'll eat a cheeseburger that has the works on it. No mac and cheese. No grilled cheese. Nope! No thank you. No way!

Here's a fine point of child rearing that I'll share with you, dear friend:
You add the proviso that people should think for themselves UNLESS it is homework time and then all thoughts turn to lessons and UNLESS Mom says otherwise. Believe me, life will be much better until they're about 12. Then all bets are off!

Hang on, it's just 4 days until Wednesday. Buckle up now!


8:38 PM  

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