Saturday, October 18, 2008


When I find a cracked egg in her bathroom sink, I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."
When I find the second stopped up toilet of the day, I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."
When she screams at me, "I stop crying!", I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."
When I clean her pee out of the cup holder in my car, I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."

When she makes her own nachos in the microwave without asking and the cheese has fused to the plate, I just think "Oh, Lyvia."
When I pull the orange Tic Tac out of her nose with tweezers and she says, "I eat it!" I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."
When she opens all the yogurt in the fridge, as she tries to find her favorite,
I just think "Oh, Lyvia."

I think I'm glad I didn't name her Olivia or I'd be saying, "Oh, Olivia."
And really, who has the time?
added 7 minutes after I published this post:
When you finally realize that she is taking off her pull-up after you put her to bed and peeing all over the place, I just think, "Oh, Lyvia."
I'm worried I'm going to forget all these so maybe I'll just keep adding them as they occur...
When Lyvia takes one bite out of each strawberry and lines them up in a row
When I catch her carrying a 5 pound box of hot chocolate mix upstairs
When she spoons all her yogurt on top of her sandwich
When she takes a green marker and randomly colors on walls throughout the house
When every bottle of glue has to be opened and completely emptied


Blogger darlene said...

Oh, Lyvia is adorable! Love the post and seeing the pictures.

5:26 PM  
Blogger sjh said...

Oh Lyvia...and Oh Mia. The damage 2 year olds can do! I'm with you!

4:18 PM  

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