Thursday, October 09, 2008

House Cleaners

Okay, someone just moaned to me about not having their very own house cleaner so here is how you get one. I know some people need every bit of their paycheck to function (special hugs to you), but for others, budget a house cleaner into your mortgage! It works so well! Say your family can afford a $1200 a month mortgage. If the house cleaner costs $400 a month, then look for a house you can buy with an $800 a month mortgage and spend the rest on some help. Jason also makes sure he can afford someone to cut the grass otherwise it just won't happen. It does help me keep a reality check about buying too much house when really, I'd rather have someone clean the thing for me. Of course, we also benefit from living in Texas instead of California, Virginia or New York where a much larger fraction of your income goes into housing.

We also budget using huge categories. It never works for me to budget too specifically. Instead, we have housing, transportation, living and savings. Housing is 35% (includes everything in the house including internet, phone, cell phones, etc -- again, keeps me from overbuying a house), Living 30%, Transportation 10% and Savings 25%. Some of the savings is for cars (we always pay cash) and trips (saving to spend -- the most fun!)

I do wish everyone could have someone clean for them, too. I truly appreciate the help.


Blogger Jenny James said...

I love this post. Good thoughts. I afford a cleaning lady because I have earned extra money by teaching piano. If you can't budget it then you should find a creative way to make more money- if it's something you really want.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

I've thought of this, but sadly, I think before you have a cleaning lady, everything needs to have an away place. I have too much stuff to ask anyone to clean it. Sigh! It's only gotten worse (or better, depending on your viewpoint) since I inherited so much from my grandmother and everything from my parents. That last is a perk or curse of being an only child ... again, depending on your point of view ... but is is wonderful stuff!

You are my organizational guru!


8:31 PM  

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