Friday, October 31, 2008


I think I need to take a breath. Or 2,000.

Jason has left and gone to India and I am on my own. This is generally not a problem, but...

Jon has projects galore to do at school.
Jon miscommunicates with the teacher so I have to sort things out. (No, she did not expect him to make 24 puppets for his book report.)
It is Halloween and I had to help four kids carve pumpkins.
It is Halloween and the kids still want to put up decorations even though it is Halloween day.
It is Halloween and every kid seems to have some THING to do for school, church, etc.
The hamster has died and the disposal crew has not arrived.
Jon is sad about the death of the hamster.
My house is undergoing renovations, but the contractor had to leave town for a week so things are just not right.
My house is undergoing renovations.
Lyvi keeps pee peeing her in pants.
Kids don't like to go to sleep when daddy is not home.
Jon has a football game and we are in charge of chains...whatever that means.
My brother gives me 3 days notice that he is arriving from Japan with his girlfriend.
My brother is arriving at 8 pm on a Sunday night so I cannot pick them up at the airport with four kids who need to be sleeping since school is the next day.
I am hosting Bunco at my house next week -- hope they like pizza.
I am volunteering for Coats for Kids when the preschoolers are in school.
There are also a few other things that I can't mention here, but Heavens!

I will take a breath and keep going because...
I know my friend Paula will email after reading this and offer to help organize.
My friend Jeanne came by and helped move some furniture back into place.
Jon's teachers are so wonderful we just come up with solution after solution.
I am blessed that we could renovate our house to make it more usable.
It is Halloween and that is just good ol' fashioned fun!
My neighbor is not scared of dead things and helped verify the hamster was dying
and will come dispose of it soon.
My kids are fun to snuggle with at night in my bed.
Other football parents will handle the chains and not make me know what they are.
My dad is coming to help get my brother around.
My kids get to see their uncle Bryan.
My Bunco friends don't care what I serve and will even eat pizza.
With the littles in school, I can get away a bit and find time to do things I like.
I have friends who listen when I have those things going wrong
and always answer the right way.


Blogger Krissy said...

:) yes, just breathe...

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