Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lindsay's Birthday Cake

Oh my. While I like to keep birthdays somewhat simple, I have to admit Lindsay's cake this year was beyond pathetic! I bought these heart shaped cupcakes tins for Valentines Day and never got around to using them. Yes, another great idea that got shoved to the end of the to-do list. I thought the sleepover kids would have fun decorating their own cupcakes as part of the evening fun. Well, aside from the fact that Lindsay doesn't know when to say when on the sprinkles, I seem to have every candle number except for 7. I had to scrounge for these and the result was certainly a sight to behold.

Lindsay didn't seem to care...

More party fun...

BTW -- my kid's birthday's are in March -- I'm just traipsing down memory lane and thought I would share!


Blogger Dionicio Leal said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

9:28 AM  

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