Wednesday, June 25, 2008

India Ideas

Jason (smart guy that he is) is encouraging me to make one of his treks to India with him. He just got back and already is planning trips for August and October. He works in Bangalore (in the south -- it is on the map), which is right by Kerala. Kerala has all sorts of cool things to do, but I'll have to figure out:
If we can do it on our own or if we need to set up a tour.
What in the world do we do -- so much to choose from.
Should I just meet up with him after he finishes up work.
Do I bother flying business or just curl up in a ball in the cattle car (It is 24 hours without kids so airlines don't have to do much to make me happy.)
What do I do with the host of kids I've left back home.
Will my immunities built up in Africa still protect me?
Actually I would love to take Jonathan with us. He can't wait until we get to go to Singapore again (I've told him 100 times the move is off, but you can't fault a 9 year old for holding out hope.) Jason and I are due a trip sans children so I don't think I'll feel too guilty leaving them all behind. This would be our third Asian trip in 3 years -- I love these annual jaunts!
Taj Mahal is way north in Uttar Pradesh, but I hate to travel all the way to India and miss it. On the other hand, most of my memorable traveling experiences have little to do with famous places. (Seeing the sun set on Mount Kilimanjaro as we started our flight home after a year in Africa was sublime, but that isn't the case with most famous places I have seen.)


Blogger Gi said...

I'm on for India. The children and I will have a blast...and they'll hardly miss you!

7:06 PM  

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