Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today Lyvia proudly announced to one of Jonathan's friends, "Dude! Me, me, poo poo." For some reason she calls two of Jonathan's neighbor friends Dude and she was proud to tell them about her accomplishment. Really, it is tough cookies to potty train. I forgot how exhausting it is. Every fiber of your being goes into the all alert mode. You don't want to hover too much or the kid might snap and revolt. If you don't hover enough, you are just running around after the mess machine cleaning up and not teaching them anything.

I am happy to report that day one was quite the success! I took the bare bottom approach and planned to have her sit down every 30 minutes. Turns out, she needed to go (based on the huge amounts of liquids I gave her) every 25 to 29.5 minutes. We finally we got our calculations correct and we have had one success after another today! Aside from liquid release, she has conquered the fine art of eking out as little poo as necessary to count so she can maximize her treats (bubble gum).

Day one: Exhausted, but happy
Day two: ?


Blogger sjh said...

Good luck! Mia is #1 trained..but not #2...still working on it! Tell Lyvia I love "Dude" - so cute!


8:54 AM  

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