Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day Two

Day Two -- not bad! Amazingly she was even sick and still did pretty good (which is fortunate because she was icky sick...and in that department if you know what I mean.) This was great timing!

I'm not sure how to make our little home potty set-up translate to life out in the real world, but next week she starts preschool so maybe they can offer some back-up. Hopefully she can wear panties out and about soon -- baby tushes are too cute in them!

Lyvia didn't wear diapers until she joined our family. In China, they potty train (and caretaker train) from early babyhood. It was cute while it lasted.

This is around her first birthday. As she got more comfortable with us, she started to protest so we let it go. She preferred the to-go option diapers provided.


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