Monday, March 31, 2008


I dropped Jonathan off at football practice and left the other kids with Jason so I could run some errands. I stopped by the library to grab some books -- generally it is one of my least favorite places to visit with young children. Lyvia will demand to hold a book I plan to check out then lose it, they push the books back and knock the ones on the other side off, grab books off the shelf and of course small noises are always amplified. Generally a freak out or two is also tossed in just to make sure I'm completely frazzled.
It was SOOO refreshing to wander isles without the stress of child induced mishaps. I can't remember the last time I visited a library without a child in tow -- at least four years but probably more. Wandering the line of books to see what reading options are out there is extremely enjoyable to me -- especially the travel section. I was in a rush to get all my errands accomplished so I had to leave after my quick visit, but I think I will dedicate one day in the Fall, after Lyvi and Dylan are BOTH in preschool, to the shelves of a library.


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