Sunday, March 09, 2008

Houston Fair and Rodeo

We did all the good fair things rode carnival rides, ate fried food and cotton candy, smelled poo from every imaginable farm animal, etc. They did have a very cool birthing center -- I could have done without the placenta hanging out the back end of a cow and the diagram of how a chicken is processed (it was located above a pen of oblivious chicks.) That's the reality of our circle of life and food chain though.

I'm so glad a friend told me I had to eat a fried snickers bar for her -- the Austin Fair doesn't even have those, if you can imagine. How does it call itself a fair? I couldn't do the fried twinkie,b ut the fried snickers bar was actually REALLY good (pic to be added later) and something new to me! I'm always looking for a new adventure so thanks to Lesli for that idea.

Lindsay was mighty scared about getting on my all time childhood favorite carnival ride. How wonderful it is when our kids dig deep inside and find bravery to experience these things in spite of their fears. Sad that it can be a disappointment for us when we just KNOW they would like if they tried it. Well, fortunately she did try it and loved it.

We also saw one of the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz eat fire. Sideshows always leave me a bit sad, but I hope the group has some fun on the road.

Last, but not least here are our munchkins -- filled almost to the brim with every sugar ladened or processed food item a carnival offers -- hanging out at the Miley's World party.


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