Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I've had some Easter nightmares in past years so I am happy to report that this year we had a relatively flawless year! Everyone had clothes to wear (and seemed genuinely pleased with them), eggs to hunt, a few goodies in their basket, best behavior at church and the icing on the cake was a fabulous Easter brunch.
One year I showed the kids what clothes I had picked out for them to wear and was a benevolent enough mother to let them give me feedback. Imagine my surprise Sunday morning when there was a revolt to end all revolts! It was so bad I won't rehash the grizzly details (I'm open to a mini-seris deal), but the following year the festivities were put on hold until everyone got dressed and proved that they weren't bordering on a maniacal meltdown. I guess you have to have the bad years to truly appreciate the good ones.

Last year must have been a bit of blur because I didn't have a single picture of Lyvia. Well, this year she happily toddled into the midst of all the day's egg hunts and was proudly dressed to the nines. Get that girl some frilly socks and you have made her day!

After church (where both littles did a fabulous job of going to the nursery -- another Easter miracle), we went with friends to a beautiful brunch down in Austin. They had discovered this nice relatively inexpensive brunch many years ago and about four or five years ago we started going with them. Two years ago we showed up as usual, but the simple breakfast fare had transformed into a lavish buffet with all the trimmings. What a gorgeous turn of events, but the price was jacked up a shocking 200-300%!!!
We did enjoy ourselves though and were so fortunate to go again this year with our friends. This time we were prepared for the sticker shock. And the food was tasty -- oh so tasty! Now we've sunk into a buffet induced coma.
This is Lyvia's "grin". She is so silly and always working to get a laugh out of someone. She was absolutely precious watching the "real" Easter bunny who was walking around. I wish I got a picture of her non-stop staring and waving, but I was too focused on the shrimp and oyster bar. Nothing better than a day of making happy memories!

Easter happens every day. Easter happens each time those who mourn rise up again to honor those they've lost by loving life more dearly. Easter happens every time we stand in solidarity with those who've lost all hope and say, "Hold on, we're at your side." And Easter happens every time, in spite of woe and death, in spite of the multitude of ways we've turned away, in spite of our failures and denials, we say "yes" to life." -- Rob Ellers Isaac


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