Thursday, February 21, 2008

One Down One to Go

When raising a girl, inevitably the majority of them will ask for earrings and YOU have to figure out when in the world to let them pierce those permanent holes.
It didn't sound like a bad idea to earn them like some people told me they do. One person dangled them out like a carrot to get her daughter to be more responsible for herself and that sounded noble. I'm awful at keeping track of behavior charts though.
Eventually I leaned toward basing it on an age. Only problem...I couldn't seem to pick one. All the while Lindsay repeated asked, "Can I get them? Can I? Can I? Can I? When, when, when?!?!?!?" One neighbor picked age 13 and said it was supposed to be a right of passage. Okay, that sounded pretty cool, too, but I didn't want to wait until age 13. Other people I know used Kindergarten or just the next birthday, but the former seemed too easy and the latter would be more palpable to me if they were older. Why? I'm not that in tune with myself to know.
I FINALLY decided last year that it would make the anticipation of losing teeth more fun (for me a least) if Lindsay got to get her ears pierced after her top two teeth fell out. Lindsay was very agreeable to this and turns out we have had a lot of fun wiggling those teeth and celebrating the first one's liberation.
Part of me wishes she wouldn't get her ears pierced so young, but here in Texas I'm also used to the Hispanic tradition of piercing newborn girl's ears. Also, if you are a girly girl, pierced ears can be a lot of fun!


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