Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lyvia turned 2! (back in January)

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By the way -- Lyvia's look of concern is because she just ain't sure she is ever going
to get one of those cupcakes she had her eye on.

I have a feeling life is about to really speed up -- that was my last one year old (did you hear the sigh of relief from Jason?) and I have been told that once you stop having babies, it seems your kids start growing at mach speed.

Lyvia had the kind of low key birthday party I may become famous for now. Whoops -- just blew that out of the water with Dylan's big bash and Jon and Linz are talking about their upcoming celebrations, too. The funny thing is even the lowest key party (dinner with the family, cake and a few presents) is surprisingly stressful. Such is. We were in Colorado on her birthday so we ate at our favorite pizza place, enjoyed our consolation cupcakes (seems they were out of Dora) and went ice skating. It was also cool having my dad, his friend and my aunt there to celebrate with us. My aunt lives in Dillon, very near Breck so she make it to all the parties. Jonathan and Lindsay's birthdays were during Spring Break last year so we had another "low-key" event during our vacation that she could attend.

While the ice skating was for the older kids, Lyvi was not about to be left out of any event that included new shoes.

Look at that girl go! We certainly enjoy her adventurous spirit.


Anonymous Dionicio said...

Happy Birthday Livi!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Dionicio said...

oops...I mean Lyvi

8:51 AM  

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