Friday, February 29, 2008

Lindsay's Earring Adventure

It was successful and Lindsay looks great (except for that big gap in her mouth!) She wants everyone to know that she didn't cry -- I'm thinking she would have liked to.

Lindsay's two neighborhood girlfriends traveled with us on our adventure. For some reason I felt very confident in our tough looking, chain smoking Claire's employee. I actually chose the Claire's to visit by calling them all to see which employee answering the phone didn't sound like a flake. Some girls sound so apathetic, which made me nervous since they are putting permanent holes in my child. This store had a strong character running the show and I knew I chose the right gal when I liked where she chose to put the holes (some try to pierce them pretty low.) She asked if she could smoke a cigarette while we were waiting for Jason arrive -- I told her she could do anything she needed to do in order to have steady hands.

I'm especially glad Jason took the time to come as well since the video is really precious of her looking in the mirror for the first time to see her newly bejeweled ears. We also caught Dylan saying, "Lindsay, I LOVE your pierced ears!" I got to hold her hand and I'm not sure if she or I needed it more.

It turned into a bit of a party as I bought all the girls little treats at Claire's and then we went to a pet store nearby to hold some puppies. It is a good idea to make plans for an additional outing since those ears really do hurt for awhile. Just a little something to get their minds off the dull throbbing.

Whew! I survived another day of motherhood and at least one of my children is smiling!


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