Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas 2007

Happy to say that Advent is coming to a close and we are actually heading off on our pilgrimage to start family visits, Christmas celebrations and a trip to Colorado -- Jonathan plans to snowboard for the first time -- pray for me as he will probably be fine. I do wonder how frustrating it will be to start over learning a new mountain skill -- he had been oh so cool skiing those blues with dad. I think Jason is going to miss his skiing partner, too.
But we have some celebrating to do before we hit the snow. First we will trek around Texas and meet and great and eat. There should be some down days between events and best of all no work for Jason! I do get spoiled this time of year when he is with us 24/7.

Lots to do, but lots of fun to have!
I hope you enjoy the season and time with family and friends!


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