Friday, November 16, 2007

Orphanage Photos

As I was organizing Lyvi's memory box, I came across these. I don't think I ever got them posted so I thought I would share a trip down memory lane.

While I really appreciate the orphanage for taking photos of Lyvi, I was hoping for some in her foster home to see what her day to day life was like. Of course I'm happy to have these and feel blessed that we were able to visit her foster mother outside her home during our trip to Shanggao.

After we got Lyvi's referral, we sent a package to her orphanage with some sweets for her caretakers, a disposable camera and a little rattle duck for her, which she is holding. These pictures were taken the same day some official photo needed to be taken. They took these, the official paperwork photo and a really sweet professional-like photo of Lyvi with her foster mom for a book they gave us.

This is Lyvi and her foster mom in front of Shanggao Social Welfare Institute. Her foster mom is so little she makes Lyvi look big when held by her!
Lyvi is holding the little duck we sent her -- they didn't send it home with her, but I did buy a replacement. I hope a little one in China is enjoying it now.


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