Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mr. Mayor

Today is election day and Jon is running for mayor! (of his third grade class)

My name is Jon and I will be a good mayor because I have good behavior. I have no R,E,S,P, E and T checks and I finish my work on time. I am a nice guy and a good artist. I will bring doughnuts every month if you elect me.

Vote for JON!

Glad to know the schools are teaching politics as usual at such a young age. The doughnuts might really clinch the nomination. Seems the only other sugar rush being offered up is a handful of M&Ms.

My son's rise up the political ladder should cost me about $70 this year. Hopefully he will remember his mother's dedication to his political career at an early age and leave my checkbook alone during his future political fundraisers.


Blogger Jenny James said...

Love that! He's so smart... offering doughnuts- too clever. You've got my vote

8:14 AM  

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