Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cute Halloween Pumpkin

And I hope you know I mean Lyvi!

I love this cute outfit I pulled together for her on Halloween. Too bad I didn't think about it earlier in the month so she could strut her stuff more than one day!

We went to Dylan's physical therapy today (the 31st). I wish I would have had my camera since we were the only ones there. It is a really incredible center and he looked great "flying" in the net with his PowerRanger costume on. The house was decorated and all the staff wore costumes.
Once again I got a bit knocked over by some things they had him do. I know they are helping him, but I sometimes wonder if it is worth it until they show me the light. These therapists really help me see his inabilities, which is a good thing so that I know our visits there are worth the time I have to put into them. It breaks my heart a bit to watch him struggle, but when he doesn't struggle in Kindergarten with writing and so on, I'll be so glad.


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