Monday, October 22, 2007


I got an email from one of my mom's dearest friends. She and her husband recently took a trip to Japan and got to see my brother (her pic above.) Jealousy aside, I'm excited that brother Bryan and his girlfriend were able to make it to Tokyo to visit Ann. A large majority of my childhood memories have her in them as we spent countless hours with her and her kids in the summer. I know he also has fond memories of the long days and vacations we spent together. I think I get to relive them more than he does since I AM currently recreating those days with my kids. Hopefully seeing Ann reminded him of the fun times we had together and with our mom.
Last May Jason got to visit Bryan in Japan and he took pics of his day to day life since Bryan would never do it for me. I know he loves every tiny inch of his apartment since he had quite the undesirable dorm situation going on for awhile.

Yep -- that is all that constitues his kitchen

We are hoping to see him this Christmas! I haven't seen him since my mom died two years ago. It isn't all his fault -- I guess planes fly both ways and I would love to visit him in Japan some day. I was an exchange student in Japan with Sister Cities (cultural one week live with a family exchange.) Who knows, maybe I could even reconnect with some of the people I met in Nagaoka...


Anonymous Barbara said...

Oohhhh! Is it possible to breathe in such a tiny space?! I thought our seminary apartment was small (and outdoors was so BIG!) but this makes that apartment seem vast.

It's so nice that Ann could spend time with Brian and reconnect. Will hope with you and Brian and his girlfriend can come for Christmas - perhaps Ann and family could come, too?!

Hugs - Barbara :D

8:31 AM  

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