Saturday, October 13, 2007

New San Saba Adventures

I keep thinking we've done it all out here but we continue to find new things to do! Today we attended the Heritage Festival in San Saba hoping for a good lunch. We certainly got it -- stew and cornbread cooked in a dutch oven. So good. That reminds me that we need to figure out how to properly cook in our dutch oven on the new firepit we built. When we lived in South Africa I fell in love with their potjiekos, which is cooking with a dutch oven, but the best flavors I've ever had. It is 10 years later and we haven't made time for this, but I think the time is nigh!

While we were at the festival, we watched a horse whisperer of sorts. He was an incredible horseman and had two super cute kids with him. Should have known right away they were relatives! Turns out he is a cousin on my dad's side. They have three daughters -- it was funny to meet a same age Lindsay with my maiden name -- Lindsay Maxey (but theirs was actually spelled Lindzey Maxcey.)

Later shock of shocks was seeing a family with an adopted daughter from Asia. I'm constantly delighted to know that in our town and now even San Saba, Lyvi won't have trouble seeing families that resemble hers. This family's father is the Park Manager at Colorado Bend State Park -- it sounds like an incredibly cool job. The three kids are homeschooled. I was wondering how in the world they got to school since town would be quite a haul. The 11 year old was taking care of his five year old sister just like Jonathan takes care of Lyvi. Hopefully we can catch up with them again soon and see if there is a friendship waiting to happen.

I'll get an updated pic of San Saba uploaded soon...


Anonymous Barbara said...


Well, it's not often that you get two affirmations that you were in the right place at the right time - Maxcey's and a similar completed family all at the same shindig! Who could ask for more?!

I hear you on the wish to recreate flavors from far away and long ago. I'd love to have some Apache fry bread like I had in San Carlos, AZ long ago. I used to have the recipe, but my fry bread never was quite right. Good luck with your endeavor when "nigh" becomes "high time"!

Hugs - Barbara :D

10:52 AM  

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