Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lindsay's Stuffed Animals (you have no idea what I am about to say)

Lindsay and her stuffed animals -- my oh my! These aren't the ones scattered about her room, these are the hunted dove. If you have a problem with hunting dove...stop reading -- really. If you love Ozzy Osborne, you're in luck.

Today is the last day of the dove hunting season. While we aren't a BIG hunting family, Jason does enjoy taking the kids hunting if they want and teaching them the mechanics of the event. I, on the other hand, don't like ANY dead animals or even eating meat off the bone. However, I can appreciate teaching children where their food comes from, gun safety, etc.

Being the last day of the dove hunting season, we needed a few more dove to actually make a meal out of the little buggers. Jason took three kids with him out into the field at Creekside to hunt. After a while, Jon and Dylan wandered back. What seemed like hours later, Lindsay and Jason returned. What a tale he brought back.

It seems Lindsay doesn't have a squeamish bone in her body. (If you made it this far and don't like hunting or dead animals you really need to stop reading!) Jason and Linz walked over to the shot bird and Lindsay really wanted to hold it. Jason ripped the head off and Lindsay still got her hands on that bird and had a ball (she was a little miffed he threw the head aside.) By the way, I would have been in the next county if you handed me a headless bird!

Lindsay ended up wanting to pull the head off the next one and did so with Jason's help. By bird #3 -- she did it all by herself!!! What the?!?

Lindsay carried on hunting with Jason and wanted to hold all of the dove in her hunting vest AND keep the heads. So she's got a pocket full of bird heads and gets one of her dove out every now and then to play with like she does her stuffed animals. You know, they are chatting, dancing, waving, etc. Gee, to think we thought webkinz were fun around here. Who knew headless fowl could provide the same companionship.

Finally it is time to clean the birds. Do you know how this is done? It is WAY disgusting. You pluck the breast feathers off, pull wings off at some point, then stick your finger in it and rip the freaking chest open to get to the meat. I shudder. Not that Lindsay. She did it all, then yelled at her Daddy when he picked up the last bird and dared to clean it himself. She happily held a heart and only mildly complained about the innards -- hopefully this experience will serve her well in life.

Meanwhile I was back at the house fixing dinner. I had no idea what my sweet little girl had been up to when Poppy got her dinner plate fixed up and fed her. Jason walks in knowing and says to Lindsay, "Did you wash your hands before eating?!" She replied, "Well, I picked all the feathers off!"

(only four dove were hurt in the production of this story)


Blogger Goodstories said...

Well that's not at all disturbing. I'm checking the heads of all my animals next time that Lindsay comes over to play!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

UUUUGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Give me broken people to fix and I'm a-okay, but hunting and the aftermath? No way!!!!!!! Big time ICK! I'll join you in the dash to the next county!

To each his or her own ....?! What place do you suppose this pragmatic outlook will have in Linz's future? Trauma surgeon, coroner, crisis counselor, mother of boys and tom-boys?

Way to go, Linz! Hugs - Barbara :D

7:28 AM  

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