Monday, October 08, 2007

Jet Plane

The 60's song has been running through my head all day "I ain't leaving on a jet plane." Today would have been the day! We were supposed to leave for Singapore today -- it is shocking to think that had plans gone through, life as our clan knows it would be momentary history. Of course we would have known we were going and lived life a bit differently during the last 8 weeks, but it is still a shock to think of everything important to us, mainly friends, family and pets, being packaged up for two years.

Instead, we spent the day having a fabulous time on the ranch. At the last minute yesterday, we decided to take a couple of more kids with us. It required driving in two vehicles, but these kids were really worth it. Although their parents are NOT into outdoor living, the kids are two tough cookies and LOVE being outdoors. (They do like living outdoors in their pool and for that we are grateful to have them as neighbors!) Jon and Linz were in heaven having their mates with them. Jonathan and his friend went fishing all by themselves (even caught fish!) and Jason took the boys dove hunting. Lindsay and her friend happily played in the creek and ran around barefoot and lively. We rounded up a herd of cows and moved them to greener pastures, found a hog skeleton, etc. The kids looked a bit lord of the flies-ish, but they had a great time. Amazingly I don't think either child had roasted marshmallows out in the woods so dinner around the campfire was a real hit.

Hard to complain when life here can get this good!


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