Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Our retreat is on the left and above the garage. The kids room above the garage is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. since they happily disappear up there and play for hours (and of course they aren't plugged into anything!) I do need to get some plants going in front of the house, but not too much because I don't need a garden to care for. It is so fun to have two houses so close together. I can wake up in my own home and still visit my dad for coffee in the morning! It's also a quick walk to the "neighbors" kitchen for anything you are missing.
The kitchen sink looks out to the creek -- not a bad place to do dishes! We moved our 7 foot kitchen table out there -- it was cramped in our kitchen, but looks like this place was made-to-order for the table.
We truly enjoy having our own retreat, even though we couldn't have done it without my dad taking charge of the land. Even if he just built a big place for all of us to visit, we would always be the guest and this is so much more relaxing! Still, there is always an open door just a few steps away.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela!

What a wonderful retreat setting and interior space - indeed, the best of both worlds! So fine!!!!!!!

For years we lived across the street and down two houses from Rob's parents. The only rule we found helpful or needed was "call before you come." That was broken only a couple of times when an ingredient was needed, the phone was busy - and pre-cell phones! It kept all of us from feeling intruded on in any way.

Enjoy!!!!!!!! Hugs - Barbara :D

8:25 AM  

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