Sunday, September 09, 2007

Texas Hot Tub

When we first got the property, there was a fabulous little creek running through it. It wasn't good for more than a splash, but we knew (meaning Jason and my dad) we could dam it up to make slightly larger pools, etc.

Then the road and crossing was built and we added the rocks.

Then came the Summer of Rain and now we have our own Texas hot tub! (Except the water is actually pretty cold)

The force of the water is pretty amazing out there now. It will be fun to see how many months (or longer?) this water flow lasts. The crossing never got finished (@#$! builder) so now we need to wait for the water level to fall before more of the concrete can be poured. It certainly is fun during the summer and sounds great while relaxing on the back porches!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Wow!! This is joy and nature along the lines of the wonderful Tarzan movies that Johnny Weissmueller (sp?) made!! Marvelous good fun! I wanna play, too, and must say who cares if it's even built as planned? It's great as is!!

Oh, for a constant water supply....

Joy, joy!!

Hugs - Barbara :D

9:05 AM  

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