Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reminder and Tagging

Tagging has currently taken over my days. Do you take digital photos? Do you tag them? If not, you should be! It is going to be so worth it 18 years and 150,000 photos from now. When I started, I had over 18,000 photos (taken in only four years!). I'm now down to 13,641 and I'm trying to continue to weed through them while I tag.

It is so cool to click "Dylan" (or whoever) and every picture with Dylan in it will be brought up. It IS a pain to have to tag a family photo with six different names though! I get so excited whenever a group of photos has only one kid in them -- select them all, tag with the name and it is stored! I started out including if a friend, cousin or some other noteworthy person was in the picture. Now you only get tagged if you are one of the six or a grandparent (or good, I mean of the Good family since she was nice enough to give me all the pics she had with my kids in them.)
So, Fall television is starting and I'm actually productive while I watch it!

As I was sorting through all these photos, I came up with this one.

A cuddle from Lyvi that was so noteworthy I took a picture of it myself. Last week I mentioned how it was a lot of work getting Lyvia to relax with us. I did forget that it was SO frustrating that when a little wall came down I just had to take a photo to document it. I remember standing there forever trying to soak in the "love" and today I realize that if I hadn't taken a picture, I would have completely forgotten the incident!
I think I better document some more cuddles this week!


Blogger Suzie said...

Oh - I am SOOOO jealous that you are tagging those photos. I might just have to start doing that seeing how much progress that you've made!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Guilty! Sons are now almost 28 and 23 1/2 and their baby books are almost empty - with lots of things stuck into the boxes, of course. Perhaps that will be my winter project ....?

Yes, they're primitive: writing and photos (non-digital) because that's the way it was. Imagine that!

My hat is off to you since you're doing this within a decade of your childrens' births, oh, Wise One!!!

Hugs - Barbara :D

4:27 PM  

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