Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Dylan's perseverance is a force that can break you down like you wouldn't believe. One day back in the Spring, Dylan decided that he wanted to hold a baby pig. This kid talked and ranted about this day after day. I even called one of the petting farms you hire to see if we could come out and just pay for a visit so he could hold a @#$%^ pig!

Gi (their grandmother) came to my rescue because of her country connections -- one of her employees happens to raise pigs and low and behold one of them was pregnant! It felt like the beast had the same gestation of an elephant as Dylan continued to fixate on holding a little pig for months, but FINALLY the babies were born! We didn't get there until they were about 18 days old, which didn't seem like a big deal until we saw them. Whoops, the little buggers grow quicker than I thought!

Because of Lindsay's gutsy go-get 'em attitude, she was the only one of us who actually picked up a pig successfully. The combination of dirt (even though the owners were kind enough to wash them before we arrived), squealing, strength and pig squaler kept me from being successful.

Dylan really didn't have the strength to hang on to the wiggly slab of bacon-to-be, but he contemplated the situation time and time again. He seemed to have a good time following them around and petting them.

They also had other animals including a goat that followed Lyvi around and thought her hair was just the right height for nibbling and a bunny that pleaded for us to take her home. We would have brought "Cinnamon" home, but I wasn't sure just how perturbed Jason would be that I decided to foster a rabbit when we might be moving. Actually, we could be staying put and he would probably still blow a gasket.

We saw a kitten on our way to the barn and Dylan kept mentioning he really wanted to go back to the kitten. Once we did, he was in love.

On the trip back to Gi's house, I hoped that Dylan's need for pig holding could finally be put to rest. Unfortunately all we heard and continue to hear is, "Mommy, I want to hold a kitten!"


Anonymous Barbara said...

You and Jason certainly have a house full of charmers! I just love that Dylan held onto his interest in pigs for so long!! That kind of determination will serve him well in life.

Lindsay's bravery in the presence of such wiggly mess will serve her well, too! Perhaps she'll grow up to be a nurse (plug!), a surgeon, an explorer, or ...?!

As is often quoted about kittens,
"The trouble with a kitten's that
All too soon it becomes a CAT!"
and that is so true. We're dog people who have two cats, no fence, and no dog. Go figure!

Cheers for moms and dads who find wonderful adventures for their kids to experience! Great memories were made!

Hugs! Barbara :D

4:11 PM  

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