Sunday, September 09, 2007

First Fish

I think this is the first time that Lyvia has actually shown an "interest" in fishing. It all started with her refusing to let me put her down. Once up where the action is, she was tickled pink to see how the reel works and it is just the sort of thing her little fingers like to mess with. I hadn't had any luck in the creek myself so we chucked the line out and she went to town trying to turn the handle. Considering the size of the fish, I thought it was her jerky motions causing the bobber to jump around, but there was actually this little fish (some called it bait) on the end of the line.

After that slimy thing showed upon the end of the line, she wasn't about to turn the handle again. I did catch a catfish with one working arm (Lyvi was still hanging on my other side.)


Anonymous Barbara said...


What basic wiggly delights you've added to Lyvi's little life! Icky, ooohhh!!! Love the overalls and that she's a bit skeptical when she's looked closer! :D

Lyvi is a cutie and you, Jason, and the other kids have clearly been a wonderful family for her. Six was the right number needed to complete your family as you knew in your hearts it was!!

Cheers! Barbara :D

8:57 AM  

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