Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where to Live

This is were we should live. Of course it was the least exciting place and no nice views out the windows. All the neighbors have these beautiful gardens, but this place had nothing. There is a park down the street and it is close to shops. After Lindsay slept all afternoon, we took Jason back over to look at it and we both agree it was a bit dreary.

I love a nice bathroom and these just make me cringe.

So, our real estate agent Owen was nice enough to drive us around the areas we have narrowed our search to. Imagine a single guy with a family of six in the car -- should give you at least a bit of a chuckle!

We have that place, the fabulous condo with the views and porches and the house next to the park. The last one is down in the neighborhood so a bit more of a drive and not walking distance to shops (maybe walking distance to them and taxi home when I'm acclimated.) The park next door is nice, but that is where all the maids and people's dogs hang out (think poo) so it isn't a very private home. It is also really narrow so it feels a bit tight.

Decisions, decisions. Jason and I could fly back again to see what else comes available, but that really isn't practical because right now is the surge of newcomers and only fewer and fewer things will be offered.

I'm kind of sad that we probably won't be living the condo life -- the views from the one in the city are amazing and we'll never have this chance again. I envisioned it as our only option so I was going to suck up and deal with the tight quarters. I didn't realize Singapore had all the other kinds of places available. While I'm happy to be able to send them outside without me (or the maid), I'm still in a bit of a mourning phase about the big city life.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Sending huge hugs!

If this home feels unwelcoming, perhaps that means it's not the right one for your family. Perhaps?

Listen to your inner voice and remind Jason to listen to his inner voice. Playmates for the kids, access to the transit system, outdoor play areas, shops, groceries, friends.... lots to consider.

Hope Lindsay is feeling better!

More hugs and love - Barbara :D

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Jeanne said...

Tough decisions! And hard to make them so quickly! Love those windows that open all the way though.

10:35 PM  

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