Saturday, August 04, 2007

So High

My uncle emailed me about his apartment experience. He said that after living on the 13th floor awhile he felt ungrounded -- I think these pictures show how that could certainly be the case!

I took the bottom picture to illustrate something I mentioned earlier. When you get off the elevator (even here at around the 19th floor) it is open to the outside. I took this picture just leaning over the opening (really not even a "window".) I'm not sure what would possess a child to crawl up and look over this, but I don't think I could truly relax living here even though I've never heard anyone have a problem.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Yikes! Looking over that balcony is scary! I can imagine a child being curious about the view and wonder how the architects thought to curb that urge in kids???

I know lots of folks world-wide live in high rises and think nothing of it, but I think I couldn't. I agree with your uncle!

Good luck in choosing!

Hugs - Barbara :D

9:10 AM  

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