Thursday, August 09, 2007

Road Block

Oh heavens, the higher ups want to review our expat assignment -- now I really can't breathe. Hopefully this agony won't be drawn out too long and tonight we will be updated. I like to think that everything works out for a reason, but losing this would mighty tough. The only sunny side is that I could stop practicing my parking. In Singapore, everyone backs into their parking space. In America, at least my section, everyone pulls straight in to the parking area. Why it is easier to drive backward in between the narrow spot between two cars worth at least 80,000 sing dollars is beyond me. When you pull into the lane to leave, it seems there is a lot less to hit.

So, disappointment would abound if the new exec decides to do things differently. Hopefully in a day this post will be deleated and it was just another forgotten bump along the road.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Fingers crossed that this will be a non-issue, but if not, ya'll had one whale of a free trip!!! :D

Hang in there!

Hugs! Barbara :)

9:55 PM  

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