Wednesday, August 01, 2007

House Hunting -- condos/apartments

What a crazy day -- the kids did very good considering we saw 10 properties. I think the highest floor was the 22nd. I couldn't believe some of the unprotected drops to the ground far, far below. Some apartments I just had to completely pass on because heaven forbid a child look over too far. This wasn't always the balcony either. One place was on either the 17th or 22nd floor. When you got off the elevator it was open to the outside. There was this square "window" that in my active imagination a child could crawl to and fall like 22 stories! I was just dizzy up there. The one pictured below had two sets of windows that open and the apartment wasn't fabulous enough for me to handle the nagging thought that the lower set could accidentally be left opened.

While the city views were amazing, I didn't feel comfortable living in all the hub bub. It would be exciting for a little while, but I'm worried I would feel trapped once the novelty wore off. Also, none of the first three had an area for the kids to play in the apartment. I could make two kids work, but I'm not so sure about four. A friend currently living in something like these said I should probably get a house. A couple of them might have had a large enough hallway for a tv sitting room, but that was about it. They do all have great common facilities that sometimes include indoor playrooms, squash courts, gyms, tennis courts, swimming pool, playgrounds, etc.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Uuuffff da! I'm with you on the unwelcome heights and those unprotected windows and balconies. What were they thinking????

On to see the other properties you visited!

Hugs - Barbara :D

9:13 AM  

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