Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home???

I'll have to come back and add more pictures later, but this is the current front runner! This is called a semi-detached house. The side on the left would be ours. The best thing going for it is that the park is right next door. Most of the windows in the house even look out over it! It is also on a cul-de-sac and bike trail. There are supposed to be a number of kids in the neighborhood. The MRT is within walking distance so Jason would have an easy time getting to work. He would have to change lines a couple of times, but at least the process wouldn't be so hard.

The drawback is that it is three levels high. I guess four really because it also has a basement.

Below -- basement
1st floor -- living, up a few steps is the dining and kitchen
2nd floor -- landing (maybe for a few toys and tv?), two bedrooms
3rd floor -- two bedrooms

Also, there is more work with a house including hiring your own pest control and foggers (I'll explain the later one day.) You also don't get the condo amenities like a gym, pool, courts, etc.

The people we ate dinner with have the same floorplan. Someone really upgraded theirs with wood, built-ins and rich curtains though. This one feels a bit dumpy at the moment so I think if we rented it we would need to double check and see if any work needs to be done or if it just needs to be furnished.

Next I'll show you the other front runner!


Anonymous Barbara said...

I like this one! Love the green spaces right outdoors and you know at least two kids are down the street.

Rentals even here need bug bombs before you move in! The joke when we were renting in the early years of marriage (can you say 35 years now?! Yikes!), was that you'll have to bomb again when your neighbors do or their bugs will move into your home!!

Choosing is getting more complicated, isn't it?!

Hugs - Barbara :D

9:24 AM  

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