Saturday, August 04, 2007


Here is a picture of the fogging they do in Singapore to keep mosquitoes at bay. We always had to rush back into the car any time people were fogging near us. If we rent a house we will have to hire a company to fog regularly. At the condos they provide the "service" for you. It is a bit nerve-wracking to actually see what it being sprayed, but because Singapore is in the tropics, illnesses like Dengue Fever are carried by those pests. Our realtor said not to get one house I really liked because he thought the mosquitoes would be impossible to control. Lyvi looks like a mosquito buffet in Texas so I guess controlling the bugs is a good idea. You can also get fined if you allow mosquitoes to breed in your home. Singapore does work hard to prevent epidemics from occuring and they supposedly worked hard during the SARS epidemic as well.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Oh, I remember this fogging when living in a Chicago suburb as a kid - scary is right! I still wonder what we all inhaled?! Aaaugh! I can certainly understand the need when in the torpics, tho.

There is a lot to consider about where to live, isn't there? Again, wishing you wisdom!

Hugs - Barbara :D

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