Saturday, July 28, 2007

We Arrived

Our unbelievable Singapore Airlines flight landed just after 5 am Saturday morning. Business Class was like a hotel on wheels. Definitely the way to fly with four children. Definitely nothing I could afford to do without The Company. Lots of good vibes were headed their way as I slept with my complimentary noise canceling head phones. The seats laid flat and the kids had the on demand TVs going shortly after take-off. They were really good about turning them off and sleeping when we asked. I think they got pretty much a night's sleep, which would be 8 - 13 hours depending on the child. The food was great and the snacks even better. After their big sleep I showed them the on-demand video, audio and games. Heaven for them.

So, it was a wonderful way to arrive on the other side of the world as clear headed as possible. Arriving a five am made for a long day. The city was dark when we arrived, but the kids could still see and were amazed at the tall buildings. Our hotel rooms have a wall of windows, which is my new must-have in a big city (not that I'll always get it, but I'll know what to look for!) The balcony makes me a bit nervous, especially since we are on floor 13. You can see through it so hopefully the kids won't be tempted to scale it! Before dawn a crowd gathered at a park we can see from the rooms. The sound system must have been cranked because we could hear every odd-placed song and command given to the crowd. Think about "We like to move it, move it" blasting in the room at the crack of light. We later figured out they were practicing for Singapore's Independence celebration that takes place August 9th.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela -

Mercy, child! You and Jason's adventurous spirits are amazing! Hope you both get a clear sense of what's ahead and if that's what you'd choose for yourselves and for the kids. Hope you're of one mind when decision time comes.

Have fun, be safe, and don't eat anything larger than your head!!

Hugs and love - Barbara :D

5:10 PM  

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