Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Super Visit!

Just what we needed -- I had met another adoptive mom on the internet who lives in Singapore. She was so gracious and invited us over for dinner tonight even though they just arrived back from a trip to the states Monday morning.

She and her husband were nice as can be and their kids were really precious. She is also the person who first told me about the school that currently has space for Jonathan and Lindsay (the one we freaked out about.) She loves the school and her two daughters did a great job of telling us everything they love about the school, too.

The funniest thing is that tomorrow we are looking at a house that is just down the street from where they live and they actually know the family that lives there. Her precocious daughter was able to give me a tour of their home (three stories tall + a basement) and tell me in detail all the similarities and differences between the two homes. I really love the area and think I could just sign up to rent this place on their street! Lots of things within walking distance including the grocery store, a wet market and the MRT -- Jason could easily walk to the MRT and get to work.

We have to move at a fast paced speed tomorrow, but I will definitely try to get pictures of that place.

Anyway, they were a fabulous family and it was great to see first hand what living in one of these semi-detached homes would be like and to see how the maid functions in the family. The dinner was really delicious. It was nice having a break from eating in a restaurant, too. I do feel like I'm just copying catting this family, but she has set up a great life. I get a bit stressed whenever we drive in the Orchard area -- high rise living with all the shopping glitz and glam.

Here is a picture of a wet market in Singapore -- not the one by her house, but just an example.


Anonymous Barbara said...


It's wonderful that your family could visit a family already living in Singapore to see how life is away from the high rises and to learn about the school. You know, if they've got a balanced life that works, why not copy?! Why reinvent the wheel? You'll make modifications for your family's likes and interests, so it won't be a carbon copy!!

The market looks so interesting!

What an adventure!! I look forward to your house hunting story!

Hugs, Barbara :D

10:25 AM  
Blogger lpschmidt said...

I feel like I'm living vicariously through you. What an amazing experience!!

12:58 PM  
Blogger henna's hearsay said...

I'm just glad you are along for the experience even if it is just in spirit -- I don't want to leave my friends completely behind! Thank goodness for the internet.

Maybe my Bunco gals will have to start a blogspot to let me know everything they are up to as well

3:57 PM  

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