Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stroller Search

Today we headed out again in search of a stroller. As we walked underground to the mall down the street (raining buckets), some woman just couldn’t conceal the shock and awe when she looked at our family. She seemed nice enough so I had mercy on her and explained that Lyvi is adopted from China. Well this woman ended up walking with us for at least 10 minutes talking all about this and that. She was nice as can be – VERY talkative, but gave me some hope that all Singaporeans aren’t standoffish like I have been told.

We made it to Toys R Us. I ran into "One of Those Things I'll Have to Get Used To." By the time we walk there, Lyvi is getting heavy so I was VERY happy to see a shopping cart. Turns out you have to pay $1 SGD use it! It reminds me of how we had to pay for our napkins at the resturants in China.

After figuring out that even if the umbrella stroller was in stock it would still cost us quite a bit we thought, “Why don’t we just use the Sit N Stroll we brought to Singapore?" It is a carseat that turns into a stroller – very cool and worked great at the airport. Jason and I got a kick out of that because it shows how we aren’t operating at 100% capacity. After thinking ourselves brilliant for finally coming up with the idea to use the stroller we already have, we wondered back out of the mall and saw some neat things there because everyone is celebrating National Heritage Month. The kids got to listen to a storytime about one of Singapores fables and free "candy floss" aka cotton candy – no wonder they love it here!


Anonymous Barbara said...

I can only imagine the brain overload you and Jason are experiencing! You folks have so much to think of and to keep up with, it's no wonder that usual brain cells are boggled! Happily, the thoughts are surfacing!!

Hugs - Barbara :D

7:58 AM  

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