Monday, July 30, 2007

School Shock!

I'll have to add a proper post later, but CULTURE SHOCK at the schools today!!! Wow. Totally not what I expected after reading about them online. We visited two schools that were next door to each other and tomorrow we are visiting one more that is in a different part of town. There has been a surge of expats this year so almost every school has a waiting list. We really didn't want to send our children to the American school because they have other schools with more of a mix. One even caps the number of students allowed from each nation. Well, we have heard the American school is fantastic, but they are closed to new applications so that is a second reason to not visit and be tempted by its fabulous facilities.

I knew the two schools we were visiting were older but it was still a shock. We are heading to the pool so I will have to post pictures later. I was in such a state that I didn't take nearly enough pictures. I think my mouth might have even been hanging open.

Today's schools follow the IB curriculum. Something I didn't know about, but actually sounds really good. The one we are visiting tomorrow follows the British system.

So, that is all I have time for now -- more later!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Mercy! Ya'll have so much to deal with, to find, to make decisions about! It boggles the mind!

Hope the school issue can be handled to your satisfaction. Any chance the American school would put the kids on a list for mid-term? I know it's not your first choice, but maybe the kids should be on all lists?

Hugs - Barbara :D

9:08 AM  

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