Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Nursery

The Texas rains have transformed the miniscule trickle behind our house into a creek. The neighborhood boys like to romp around back there and catch things so not surprisingly we became the proud owners of 6 tadpoles. They swam around in some seriously murky water in a tuperware bowl on my kitchen counter for a few days before I figured out they were family pets. I thought we were catching and releasing. Crazy, heartless me. Since they were staying, I researched and found out that they like to eat lettuce. I attempted to teach the kids AGAIN that if you are going to have pets, the goodness of your heart should make you want to feed them.
We did enjoy watching each of them slowly change from tadpole to frog. The lettuce was a hit (patting myself on the back.) We have a little pond in our backyard that they were rehabilitated to once they scaled the rock and perched on top of it.
Mighty tiny though!


Anonymous Barbara said...

What a cute, tiny frog! What are the regulations in Singapore about pets?! ;)

Isn't it amazing what happens if you just add water?!

Hugs! Barbara :D

9:35 AM  

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