Sunday, July 29, 2007


Jonathan and Dylan couldn’t even stay up long enough for dinner to arrive at the restaurant and Jason had to take them back upstairs. So, two down at 5:30/6:00 without food in their bellies. Lindsay and I got our food and brought it back to the room. We had quite a show with our dinner. Seems the Singapore government or party planner didn’t want any mistakes at the National Day celebration so they practiced the entire thing. I’m not sure what they left out, but we saw a band, parade, helicopter formations flying the flag, fighter jets rumbling overhead, cannons, some fireworks, boats in the harbor and very cool lit balloons. At least we got a taste of what is going to happen August 9th!

Have I mentioned how happy I am that we didn't take everyone to China with us? The kids are GREAT travelers, but getting four kids acclimated and fed takes a lot of energy. I think Jason and I really would have missed out on a lot of opportunities on that trip if we had the kids with us. With all the wonderful food available in Singapore, we are eating easy. I've had pizza, Subway and a Cesar salad! My only Chinese food was a the food court at the zoo (I savoured every bit of it!)


Anonymous Barbara said...

I can only imagine the excitement and fatigue as your family tries to take in everything! Add in jet lag, time differences, and Whew!! Glad you're all good at "going with the flow!"

Cheers! Barbara :D

7:55 AM  

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