Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Look and See and Like?

Next week are heading off on a looksee trip to Singapore! I so hope I don't freak out about moving to a big city once we are there -- Jason doesn't laugh when I tell him that. Dell is doing what it can to make sure we are comfortable and well rested on our way over there. We all have a seat (Lyvi is under two and they didn't HAVE to get her one) in business class on Singapore airlines. They even sprung for us to fly direct from LA to Singapore! Good news is that it is non-stop. Bad news is that the flight is like 17 hours long! Ack! Hopefully Lyvi rises to the occasion and relishes getting to be all over Mommy and Daddy in small area of our flying vessel. She has a very annoying habit of freaking out (that should really be in all caps) when she is awoken before her internal ticker is ready. Maybe I'll have an emergency bag of all her ridiculous favorite things like straws and panties. I think the other three kids will be fabulous on the plane. Dylan was a bit worried this morning and did ask if the plane was going to land before we got on board. I can't even fathom the picture he had in his mind!

I have four schools to possibly visit for the kids. The one I really liked is full at the moment even though they are a bit vague about that -- ugh. I had hoped we could visit THEIR school on this trip to help them feel more comfortable. Oh well. Singapore is such a hot spot for expats that even the schools all have waiting lists.

Now on to packing!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Up, up, and away!!!!!!!!!!!

How exciting for each of you!! I hope this is the beginning of a trip of a lifetime, of wonderful wonders, of amazing sights and adventures, of close and cozy family times, and of friendships forged forever.

Remember the toothbrushes!

Vaya con Dios! Barbara :D

10:58 PM  

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