Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We had our first night at Creekside! There are still a million things that need to be done on my dad's side, but he is actually moved in. We got our upstairs carpeted so we can sleep and enjoy that part of the house, but the downstairs has a way to go before we can move, enjoy and entertain. We were both heartsick thinking about leaving this gem for two years when we may hardly have our things in before we go. As we sat on the back deck, listening to the the night sounds and rushing creek, Jason and I started thinking if we could possibly put our kids in the locals schools and just move to the country. We couldn't, but it was fun to dream.

Now that we are able to slow down a bit, we actually got to REALLY enjoy ourselves! This time Jason and Lindsay fished and Lindsay caught a monster bass. Jason is still tickled about the size of the fish in the creek. Jonathan rafted down the creek while Lyvi and Dylan had a ball splashing and throwing rocks at the crossing. Then there were the moments when they played in their completed playroom upstairs and I had a few moments of blissful peace.


Anonymous Barbara said...

This kind of blissful setting is just what you need in these busy days of upheavel. Enjoy the interludes when you can be there and cherish the thought that it will wait for your return! You can frame pictures of this place to decorate your overseas home.

Cute kids, of course!!!

Hugs and love - Barbara :D

9:39 AM  

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