Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beach Trip

We made our first pilgrimage of the summer to the beach! It was Lyvi's first visit and after a good hard stare at the ocean she jabbered all about her thoughts. Unfortunately her linguistic skills stink at 17 months so I don't know what she thought. Wonder if she liked it or not?

Kids are so beautiful at the beach. I love how they let the sand stick all over them and they just dig around for more. They are constantly moving and touching the sand and water with their bodies -- like puppy dogs romping and rolling around. Three year old Dylan couldn't stop making footprints. He was enamored with the impression he could leave in the sand. At eight Jonathan is ready for more and constantly battled the waves. Jason headed out with him so he could really attack the waves. Lindsay and her best bud Hailey just played side-by-side all day. They could be anywhere and have fun together though. My friend took this fab pic of them and has even entered it in a contest! I doubt that one day trip will be enough so we'll be back to battle the seaweed again this summer.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela!

What a happy day at the beach for everyone , including Miss Lyvi! You and Jason will cherish these pictures and memories forever!

I cannot believe how big the kids are! It was just last week that you and Jason got married, wasn't it??!

Joy! Hugs - Barbara :D

1:23 PM  

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